Greg Milton

Greg Milton is absolutely thrilled to make his Jobsite debut in Einstein’s Dreams. A graduate of Murray State University in Kentucky, Greg has appeared in several shows locally over the last four years playing everything from a Jewish rabbi to a retired drag queen! Included in those credits are appearances with Studio@ 620, Gorilla Theatre, Stageworks & Gypsy Productions. Greg has recently started working in the Film/TV industry. His first featured role was with famed horror movie director, Herschel Gordon Lewis in The Uh-Oh Show, due out later this year. This past February, Greg directed the very popular and successful Harvey at Francis Wilson Playhouse in Clearwater and is now creating a new company called Conspiracy Theatre, so keep your eyes out for upcoming productions from them. Greg would like to thank the amazing Kari Goetz and the whole Jobsite gang for this wonderful opportunity. Oh, and the gang would like to let all the single people to know that Greg is a real catch too! He’s unemployed, occasionally wears biker shorts and lives alone… in Largo… with his cat, Weenee. We know that’s awesome, just try not to attack him after the show!

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