Robert Gabriel

Robert Spence Gabriel [he/him] attended the Theatre Conservatory at Chicago College of Performing Arts for musical theatre. He is a Latino actor born and raised in Tampa and has been performing in the Bay Area since he returned here in 2016. Most notably, he played Isaac in Jobsite’s 2018 production of Taylor Mac’s HIR. Robert is excited to be reunited with the folks at Jobsite once again, and wishes his cast mates “broken legs” as they open this show together. He sends a special thank you to his family and mentors and their continued support. Bay Area credits include: THE THREEPENNY OPERA (Jobsite), THE LION IN WINTER (freeFall), WAR OF THE WORLDS (freeFall), I AM NOBODY’S LUNCH (Turkey Creek Collective) Chicago: NEXT THING YOU KNOW (Steele Beam), ELEGIES FOR ANGELS, PUNKS AND RAGING QUEENS (CCPA).

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