Open Thread: Your Pericles comments

Once you’ve had the chance to see Pericles, we hope you can come back here and leave us some feedback.

Your comments may help others make a better informed decision and will hopefully encourage others like yourself to come out and support the show.

So what do you have to say Tampa Bay?


One thought on “Open Thread: Your Pericles comments

  1. I was frankly very unsure about this Pericles thing. Shakespeare, mobsters, punk-rock. Sounds like something that you might see in a Simpsons episode about community theater. And who is this Joe Popp guy anyway?

    Add to that the hype, the glowing reports of the people who saw it in rehearsal and the preview night and I was very worried it wouldn’t live up to the expectations.

    It didn’t.

    It surpassed them.

    I know who Joe Popp is now, he’s a wizard. The music was amazing, powerful, energetic and still melodic over a broad variety of styles. Primarily power-punk but also country/western satire and ballads. Joe was a virtuoso on the guitar.

    The cast were uniformly strong, passionate and energetic. Stephen, Ami, Katie, Jason, Amy, Spencer, Chris and Joe were all fabulous. To single anyone out would be unfair to the rest, though as the lead I’m sure Stephen will receive the most accolades and deservedly so. Katie was also delightful as first a bad daughter, then a good daughter.

    The book was a very clever transmogrification of the original as well as incredibly funny. Princes become mafiosos, a temple whore becomes a prostitute who provides psychoanalysis and Sean and Neil make it make sense.

    It isn’t perfect, I don’t want anyone thinking that. Some songs don’t flow perfectly from the dramatic setup, and the nature of the musical genre means you will have to concentrate to make lyrics out, particularly in the front where the guitar was at times overpowering the singing.

    However, it is still a spectacular show. Part rock concert, part musical, part play with superb music, great performances and a great book you have no excuses to not go see it. It’s a world premiere of something developed locally which makes it special, but the fact that it is so good makes it truly extraordinary.

    I’ll be seeing it again, everyone should go see it.

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