Audition notice: reading of Well Intentioned White People

After the “n” word is keyed into her car, Cass just wants to ignore it and move on with her life. Unfortunately, her well-meaning roommate, Viv, and dean of the college have different ideas. Determined to prove “things like this” don’t happen in their town, the dean of the college and Viv coerce Cass into planning a “diversity day.” She agrees begrudgingly so she can still be considered for tenure at the university. The play explores all of our isms and whether or not “sit-ins” are helping or hurting.

CASS, early to mid 30s, female, Black, College Professor
VIV, early 30s, female, White, Cass’s roommate,
PARKER, mid 30s, FTM, Latinx, College professor
DEAN WEST, 50s, female, white, Dean of the Arts Division
MARA, mid 20a, female, white, student at the college
PARKER must be played by a trans actor or by a cis male actor. PARKER cannot be played by
a woman in drag.

This Job-side Staged Reading will take place on Mon., April 30 and there will be a few short rehearsals in advance. Write us for more information.

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