Season Tickets

Season Tickets

With season tickets, you save AT LEAST 20% off the price of individual tickets with fees folded in.

Season ticket holders:

  • enjoy free exchanges all year long,
  • can purchase extra tickets at a discount, and
  • get into all Job-side Projects for free.

Pre-paid parking options available for most performances.

Rock Stars Get More

Want season tickets, plus access to all Jobsite events? Be a Rock Star! It’s even tax-deductible!

Single Tickets

Prices for single tickets will increase based on demand. Single tickets are subject to the following Straz Box Office charges:

  • Phone/Online orders – 15% + $3.50 per order handling fee
  • Box Office Window – 8%

Why Subscribe?

Save Your Money

Subscriptions are 20–30% off regular ticket prices. Also, you’re only paying a one-time $10 handling fee for the entire order. That certainly beats single tickets fees of 15% of the purchase price plus $3.50 for phone and internet orders, or 8% of the purchase price at window. Season tickets can save you tons on fees alone, not to mention the discount on the tickets. By the time you’re done, you could be saving well over $70 per person.

Plus, Jobsite season ticket holders may buy additional tickets to any Jobsite production for 10% off the regular price. These tickets can be for the night you already have your season tickets or for another performance during the run. Bring friends! Give a gift! Come back and see the show again! The savings just keep on keepin’ on!

We Take Care Of Our Best Customers

Season ticket holders can reach out directly to Jobsite staff, and we will take care of you directly. We can help coordinate between you and the Straz box office to exchange your seats, add tickets so you can bring friends, and arrange for special seating consideration (the only way to receive such treatment since the Shimberg is open seating.)

You name it (within reason) and we’ll bend over backward to make it happen. You’re not just an account number with Jobsite; we’ll work hard for you. Simply let us know how we can help!

Always a Seat

Ever gotten shut out of a show because the tickets were sold out? We hate turning people away at the door, and it’s happened plenty. It happens every season, and some plays like The 39 Steps enjoy entire sold-out runs. Season tickets guarantee you a seat.

Flexible Scheduling

We know what some of you are thinking: you’re busy, right? You don’t know what you’re doing this weekend, much less next year. As a season ticket holder, you pick any night opening weekend you want to come. If something comes up and a particular night for a show isn’t convenient, you can call the ticket office and move your tickets to another night. The first exchange is free and it’s only $1 per ticket after that. Convenient!

You Make the Show Better

Season ticket holders make Jobsite stable. More season ticket holders means less work filling the theater show-by-show and less money we have to spend on marketing. That’s more money we can put into the productions themselves. Money that could go to the artists (who all have to work day jobs) and to build better sets and costumes. So the bigger question is why <em>not</em> subscribe? It’s a win-win situation. Please consider becoming a season ticket holder today!

Get Dibs on Other Great Deals

All subscribers will also be able to attend all staged readings and Job-side Projects for FREE and will be eligible for other discounts and offers through the year from both Jobsite and the Straz Center.

Support Tampa Bay Arts

Jobsite is a local company and employs local talent, so the money you spend on Jobsite season tickets stays right here in the community which helps strengthen our local economy.

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