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The fastest and most secure way to donate is via PayPal. This is a free and safe way for you to make an instant donation to Jobsite. We will contact you once we’ve received the donation online so that we can get you your benefits and donation information.

Donate via Check

If you’d prefer to not use the secure PayPal donation method, please download and print the .pdf of our donation form. Please mail it along with your check, payable to The Jobsite Theater to:

The Jobsite Theater

P.O. Box 7975

Tampa, FL 33673-7975


Benefits are good for one year and are renewable on the anniversary of your membership.


For questions or more information on giving opportunities please contact us.

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Jobsite Theater absolutely respects your privacy. We will not share or distribute any contact information you give us with anyone. We only request your information to contact you with any questions that may arise regarding your donation and your tax deductible information, and so we can send you news and updates if you request them. Likewise, you can always opt out of any newsletters and other communications from Jobsite at any time.



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