Jun 10 2012 / The Ballad of Hipster McBigballs

The Ballad of Hipster McBigballs

Directed and written by Christen Petitt Hailey

Apr. 5 – 7, 2013

Fri. – Sat. 11 pm, Sun. 7 pm

Tickets: donation at the door; FREE for Jobsite season ticket holders.

Shimberg Playhouse
Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Cast & Crew Job-side Productions Season


  • Creative Loafing Best of the Bay – Best Playwright, Reader’s Poll – Christen Petitt Hailey

Hipster posterThe Ballad of Hipster McBigballs takes place in Christen Hailey’s bizarre Perilousiverse (her previous offerings were Sexy, Sexy Murder and Chapel Perilous). Think of it as another prequel story somewhere on a different point in the time/space continuum. Fans of the past productions will remember the characters of Mae & Jake, Barra, the Ninja Bitch Lady Assassins, and the location of the K-Hole bar in Bonzai Beach, FL. This episode is a love story, taking place at Mae & Jake’s bar, while they are away on some New Age fartfest.

Poor Morgan Jane Goldencrotch has just learned her dad (who owns the local car dealership) has been eaten by sharks. She returns to Bonzai Beach to hopefully reconnect with old friends Mae and Jake, but instead she becomes the focus of a sinister plot. Will she find escape and find love with uber-bartender Hipster McBigballs, or will she be sold like a pair of schoolgirl underpants to Japanese businessmen by Hipster’s nemesis, arch-villainess Cunty Psychopath?

Cast & Crew

  • Christen Petitt Hailey – Director & Playwright


  • Jonathon Carter – Hipster McBigballs
  • Jason Evans – Precious Childe
  • Johnny Garde – Randy the Fecalpheliac
  • Jonelle Meyer – Cunty Psychopath


  • Cheles Rhynes – Dick Fatdick
  • Audrey Siegler – Barra the Bartender
  • Nicole Jeannine Smith – Morgan Jane Goldencrotch
Jason Evans

Jason Vaughan Evans

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Christen Petitt Hailey

Christen Petitt Hailey

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Nicole Jeannine Smith

Nicole Jeannine Smith

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