The following 2014–15 productions have been cast.

Actor Call

Jobsite Theater is scouting talent for a potential production in the 2015–16 season.

  • Cassius Clay, Male, 22, African-American, 6’3”, physically fit, has just won the world heavyweight boxing title from Sonny Liston.
  • Jim Brown, Male, 28, African-American, 6’2”, physically fit, star running back for the Cleveland Browns who holds every NFL rushing and touchdown record.
  • Sam Cooke, Male, 32, African-American, 5’10”, superstar singer of pop and R&B hits, from “You Send Me” to “Bring it on Home to Me.” Actor must be able to sing (tenor) and play guitar.
  • Malcolm X, Male, 39, African-American, 6’4”, fiery preacher in the Nation of Islam who has recently been silenced for his negative comments about the death of President Kennedy.

Interested actors should submit resumes and headshots.

General Auditions

Jobsite will attend the Theatre Tampa Bay Unified Auditions on Sat., Jun. 7. If you are an actor in the Tampa Bay area not already part of the Jobsite Ensemble, who also does not intend to go to Unifieds, and you would like to be considered for 2014–15 callbacks, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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Callback auditions for individual shows will be held at times to be determined for all mainstage shows by each show director. Callback auditions include specifically requested actors from the Jobsite Ensemble, as well as those who will be called back from the Unified auditions or at the discretion of the director. Due to scheduling, certain shows may have special callback times or more than one callback.

All Callback auditions are by invitation only.

Current Ensemble Members

Current Jobsite Ensemble Members will be bypassed through general auditions. Current ensemble members are encouraged to contact David Jenkins to discuss specific callback opportunities if they wish. All Ensemble Member names will be provided to the individual directors for callback consideration. The directors are also at liberty to make specific invitations to their callbacks, even if an actor is not part of the general auditions or the Ensemble.

Previous Ensemble members not in the current Ensemble should contact us.

Additional Jobs

Jobsite is also looking for designers and technicians in all areas, including basic labor positions for set building days. All interested technical candidates should send their resume and work samples (where applicable) directly to the address below.

We also have a limited number of assistant director positions available for those looking for professional experience. Interested parties should contact us.